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Bursaries and Eye Exams and Eyewear! Oh My!

Swift Eyewear has teamed up with St. Lawrence College to award 5, $1,000 Bursaries to SLC students! Swift Eyewear, an innovative company, is an online optical store with the vision of making eyewear more accessible to people. With the price of tuition fees on the rise, college students are suffering from stress and drop out levels are on the rise. It is important for students to continue their education and go on to thrive in the work force and become an integral part of the future. On top of tuition fees, many students require eyewear that is sold for inflated prices in optical stores, making necessary eyewear unattainable. Swift Eyewear is doing what they are passionate about in two ways; making waves in the optical business by collaborating with schools and offering students onsite eye exams and eyewear within their insurance limit and offering students a chance to win 1 of 5 $1 000 bursaries. Swift Eyewear has teamed up with St. Lawrence College to award 5, $1,000 Bursaries to SLC students!

Five $1 000 Bursaries


We are offering students from the Cornwall, Brockville and Kingston a chance to win 1 of 5 $1 000 dollar bursaries. Going to school, spending endless hours studying while working can be very taxing and we would love to alleviate some of the stress. The five bursaries are for students attending the Brockville campus, the Cornwall campus and the Kingston campus, 1st generation students, and students of SLC Alumni. To enter for a chance to win use this link http://www.swifteyewear.com/t/slc-bursaries and follow the three easy steps! “Like” Swift Eyewear on Facebook, share a photo on Instagram or twitter and #swifteyewear, and lastly fill out the ballot, that’s it! Do it now! You have nothing to lose if you do but a lot if you don’t!

Onsite Eye Exams and eyewear Within Student Insurance Plan

SLC Kingston

Recently we had the pleasure of attending Kingston St-Lawrence College March 11th for Entrepreneur Day and had the opportunity to sign students up for eye exams that will be held April 2nd right on campus. The eye exams will be fully covered under the Student Health Insurance Plan. This means students don’t have to go far, miss school or pay some of the fees for their eye exam; as eye exams cost more than what a student health plan can cover. The same day we will have knowledgeable staff on hand to assist with student’s purchase of eyewear. Swift Eyewear will be offering glasses; frames, lenses and coatings all within the student health Insurance Plan. This will save students hundreds of dollars that would be needed to compensate for the price of eyewear purchased in an optical store. We will assist everyone with buying their glasses through our site, as well as, providing every student with a Student Vision Claim Form to submit and be fully reimbursed by their plan. If any students have signed up, don’t forget to drop in for your appointment, but don’t fret, reminder calls will be done the day before. If any students missed us on March 11th, we would like to extent to all students another opportunity to sign up for an eye exam appointment April 3rd. Please give our customer service team a shout at 1-888-388-3334 ext. 103 to book an appointment today!

“Eyewear for Education” Program

Listen up! SLC Student Health Insurance Plan helps a lot but did you know you are only covered every two years? Besides offering onsite eye exams and eyewear within student coverage we want to extend the “Eyewear for Education” to all students who have used up their insurance within the time allotted and are in dire need of a new pair of glasses and can’t afford it. Each month Swift Eyewear will give one pair of glasses per month to a student in need of eyewear at no cost.

Tri-Campus Wellness Fair

Our experience at all three SLC campuses has been a wonderful. The energy and positive feedback from all the students has been inspiring. We thrive to be more than another eyewear business but an integral part of the community. We are flattered to have been asked back to the college for the Tri-Campus Wellness Fair May 13th, and can’t wait to see everyone there! Remember stop by and get a FREE eyewear cleaning kit!


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