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Durham’s Food and Toy Drive

Durham’s Food and Toy Drive

The first week of December is upon us, and Christmas preparations are in full swing for this year’s magnificent holiday season. This time has proven to be a financial struggle for many families, however the kind people who donate to Durham’s Food and Toy Drive continue to bring joy to those in need.

This year, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of this annual fundraiser, and hope to top past years donations with the help of the whole community. A dedicated team of people help make this event an extraordinary success every year, with the Durham Regional Police taking the front line. The fundraiser kicked off at Lester B. Pearson Public School on Nov. 13, with guest speaker Police Chief Constable Mike Ewles making a meaningful appearance. “Chief for a Day” winner Mackenzie Jessup, musical band “The Heat”, and Santa Claus were also notable highlights of the event.

Durham’s Police officers have been behind this initiative from the beginning, hosting several drop-off locations for all in-kind donations. Food and toys will be distributed to families in need this Christmas season, bringing a smile to faces across the region. If you’re feeling generous today, head to any DRPS Division or Fire Station in Oshawa, Whitby, Clarington and Ajax to spread some holiday spirit!

While our officers are out on duty (and scoping out potential donors), their uniform wouldn’t be complete without a good pair of sunglasses. Of course, they’re not regular sunglasses… only super-powered ultraviolet protective specs are able to do the job right! Any frustration with direct sunlight shining in one’s eyes is avoided with a pair of these bad boys. They’re a true must-have when sitting in a cruiser for hours on end, or patrolling in the great outdoors. Can you say perfect?

Police and sunglasses


Ultraviolet (UV) eye protection is a key component to their sunglasses, as the sun can damage your cornea, lens and even the skin of your eyelid. Whoa. The duty of our officer’s to serve and protect wouldn’t be possible without complete eyesight, so owning a few pairs is an asset when on the job. The most common have proven to be simple black rectangle-style glasses, which provides both comfort and practical use. The option of built-in prescription lenses for those with vision problems is also readily available.

How do you envision a police officer in your community? In Durham, our divisions lead the safety of our community, and are well respected throughout the region. By taking the lead in helping those less fortunate this holiday season, these officers are true superstars in my eyes. The Food and Toy Drive is taking place until Dec. 24, so please take the time to contribute a few items and make a difference today. I know I will be!

Happy holidays everyone!

Written by: Kaitlin Cartwright


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