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Exercises for Your Eyes

Exercises for Your Eyes

I think it’s pretty safe to say that if I told you exercise can be beneficial to your health that statement wouldn’t instill some sort of epiphany; however it might surprise you to hear that there are exercises you can do specifically to keep your peepers in tip-top shape.

Warm ‘em up!

Similarly to a grueling workout you would want to ease into it with a nice warm-up so do the same for your eyes. Cup your palms and cover your eyes with your palms. When you see only blackness, uncover your eyes. Repeat several times.


Help maintain your eyes strength and swiftness by doing some simple exercises. Now is your chance to put your eye rolling from your childhood into good practice.  For one minute roll your eyes clockwise without forcing, take a break, and then roll your eyes counter clockwise for one minute again without force.

Another great exercise to increase eye health is to move your eyes up and down. Move your eyes up and down eight times, then move them from side to side, and repeat eight more times. Remember, just like when exercising your other muscles do not force the movements they should be fluid and feel good.


This is an easy exercise you can do at your desk, grab a pen or pencil and hold it an arm’s length away. Focus on it while you slowly bring it closer to your nose all the while focusing on the pencil. Stop when you cannot focus anymore. Repeat it ten times.

This next exercise is something you can do while out for a stroll in the park, pick two objects one less than 9-10 meters away and one more than 45 meters away. Focus on the distant object for about 15 seconds and then focus on the closer object for the same amount of time. Repeat five times.

It’s that simple! Utilize those easy exercises that can help your eyes without putting a strain on your time.


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