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Eyeglasses for Education

Eyeglasses for Education

Listen up students!

Need Glasses? But can’t fit it in the budget right now? Swift has your back or your glasses anyway!

The Life of a student isn’t always glamorous. Days may be filled with new facts, experiments, creativity and new found information but between school hours, work, studying and all the other things life can throw your way, it isn’t necessarily filled with carefree hours and an abundance of spare money. Many schools offer medical or health insurance plans but they do not always cover all expenses and may only cover you every couple of years, thus buying necessary prescription eyeglasses can be a very expensive and taxing purchase.

Swift to the Rescue!

Education is important as is the health of your eyes, which is why we want to make eyewear easily attainable. That is why we are offering a FREE PAIR OF GLASSES per month per participating school to a student in need with our Eyeglasses for Education program.

Who can apply?

Applies to participating campuses

Full time students

There are no age restrictions

A student who cannot obtain glasses

Register today!

If you and other students you know are interested in one (1) free pair of prescription glasses, per month, to students in financial need at your College or University then all you need to do to get the ball rolling is to follow this link  > http://eyeglassesforeducation.com/register/

It’s that easy!

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