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The Importance of Eye Health

Stop for a moment and think about what you value most in or about your life. There are many things in this life that we can live without, but we can never forget about the importance of maintaining good eye health.

Daily tasks

If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure you value your eyesight and realize its significance. From making breakfast, to taking a walk in your neighbourhood – you use your eyesight to easily go about your daily routine. Those who require glasses or contact lenses are more accustomed to seeing an optometrist and inquiring about their vision, but what about those who don’t?

Prevent Loss of Vision

As part of this category, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve gone in for an eye exam and didn’t realize how important they were until I sat down to write this article. Besides checking to see if you need prescription glasses, there are many other things that an eye doctor will check for. Have I caught your attention? I hope so, because many eye diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy have no symptoms in their early stages. Scary stuff! If undetected in its early stages, these diseases can lead to permanent vision loss, so make sure you do routine eye examinations at your nearby clinic.

Eye Health

Important for Children

Most people are aware that it’s important for children to receive routine eye exams as they play a vital role in making sure they have normal vision development. This is also very important when referring to their academic achievement and learning process. Eye examinations start from birth, as newborns are checked for general eye health in the hospitals nursery. In their first year, children should undergo routine screenings during checkups with their family doctor, and by age five should be fully evaluated by an eye doctor (it is never too early for a visit and many eye doctors will see children as early as 6 months).

First Detection for Diseases

This is all true, but it’s crucial for everyone to make routine eye exam appointments no matter your age or physical condition. Did you know that eye doctors are usually the first to detect chronic systemic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure? Wow!

How often?

If you’re wondering how often you should have an eye exam then you’re not alone. Many have the same question, and the answer relies on both your age and eye health. Those of you who are aged 20-64 should book an exam every two years unless you experience changes with your eyesight or if your eye doctor states otherwise but keep in  mind you can schedule an appointment yearly if you so desire. Please keep in mind you will experience changes in your eye sight between the ages of 40-45. This is because of normal vision and focus changes, and that eye diseases are most likely to develop at this time. Now there’s a reason to pick up the phone! Please refer to this link from The Canadian Association of Optometrists for further information on provincial coverage.

Eye Health

Take Care of Yourself!

No matter your age or condition, make sure you always keep your eye health in priority. I couldn’t imagine losing my eye sight, and am thankful that I was born in good health and with 20/20 vision. Just to be be clear I do not possess supernatural vision, let’s squash this preconception, it simply means that I have “normal” vision. In other words, 20/20 vision means you can see an eye chart from 20 feet away. As part of starting 2014 off right, book an eye exam and make sure those beauties stay healthy… I know I’m going to!

Written by: Kaitlin Cartwright

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