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Instagram Inspired Chic Bike Looks

Instagram has progressively grown in popularity since it’s unveiling in October 2010, and has since become the go-to for the latest trends and hot topics by both men and women. May is National Bike Month and Vogue has rounded up some chic bike looks that were found on Instagram that we felt needed to be shared.

Cycling is the New Golf

Springtime is full of so many joyous things to see, smell, and touch. As the flowers begin the bloom and people begin to plan activities in the great outdoors, we can rest assure that the time to pull out the trusty ol’ bike and take it for a spin has arrived. The amount of cyclists that are seen traveling up and down the streets of Toronto continues to increase every year as it’s great for your health, the environment, and doesn’t upset your wallet either. They’re even going as far as stating that cycling may be the new golf!

Vogue’s Top Six Chic Bike Looks

Bike Chic with Sunnies

Among Vogue’s list of the top six chic bike looks, the one that caught my eye was posted by @findfashionrep. I adore the bold fashion statement of polka dots galore that were strewn from head to toe and the chunky circular sunglasses she chose to complete the look. Take a closer look at her bike and you’ll notice that it’s an old fashioned piece without any fancy gears and, of course, the oversized basket at the front for convenience. Unless you’ve taking up cycling as a professional sport, the older models will work great for you and usually have large comfortable seats for your comfort (my backside is already thanking me!) Other great looks that were featured included boyfriend jeans, Vans sneakers, silky crème dresses, and some cheetah print slacks. Look out fashionistas! Pairing your fab attire with sunglasses keeps your eyes shielded from harmful rays form the sun while keeping bugs out!

Bike Share Transit System

If you’ve read up to this point and realize that you might like to take up cycling but don’t own your own bike… no need to fret! New bike shops are popping up everywhere along with the recognition of a booming bike market and sale opportunities. This year Toronto has seen new shops such as Bikes On Wheels in Kensington Market and Cycle Couture on College Street to satisfy the growing number of bike enthusiasts in the Greater Toronto Area. If buying new bike isn’t something you wish at this time, you can take pleasure in using Toronto’s Bike Share Transit System and just rent one for the day at a low cost of only $7! Many cities such as Paris, Montreal, London and New York have introduced bike rentals and invested in making your transportation the easiest and most enjoyable it can be.

Personal Style; What’s Yours?

I’ve seen many active cyclists already this spring in Pickering rocking several great styles. From vibrant coloured helmets to sporty sneakers and jackets, we sure know how to grab attention! Some of my favourites include polarized cyclist sunglasses with a neon tint and an outfit with a bold pattern or print. Share with us what your chic bike looks entails and how you’re embracing spring so far – we’d love to hear from you. It’s time to get active and take part in one of the fastest growing trends around. Let’s get cycling!

Written by: Kaitlin Cartwright

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