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Jack of all Trades, Master of Programming

Jack of all Trades, Master of Programming

When I or anyone else at Swift Eyewear needs assistance with technology, Nicolas Chenier is our go-to guy.

1. At work you were nicknamed the human encyclopedia because of your excessive knowledge of all things obscure and fascinating. What is your educational background and what influenced your desire to acquire so much information?

I actually get this question a lot. I simply have a Bachelor’s degree in business with credits in law, economics, and computer science. I just love to know everything I can and often read anything I can get my hands on. I was largely influenced at a young age by my favorite school teacher (since I was home schooled by my mother) to learn anything I wanted. Now I try to learn things from people around me, such as my girlfriend who also has many interests (often different from my own).

2. What glasses styles are you drawn to and why?

I like square metal wire frame glasses. I find they make me look older and since I am a very active person I like metal frames because I can simply reshape them after a ‘small accident’.

3. Besides being a programmer, you have many hobbies; can you tell us about them?

Oh boy, I have too many. As much as my job is very concentrated towards technology, I shut off my computer and leave my iPhone in my room the second I am done work. Some of my hobbies involve working on cars and on my new boat, which involves doing anything from mechanical work to bodywork. I also love to work on metal and wood; I just love building things that I want instead of buying them. At the age of 14 I began to fly small airplanes (Cessna 150’s) with my dad and I received my private pilot’s license at 17. I am also hoping in the next few years to start racing go karts!

4. In your opinion what are the best shades for boating?

I like a nice pair of sport glasses like Nike’s. They need to cover the eyes completely and should feel tight. It’s important to cover the eyes completely to prevent UV rays from reflecting from the water into openings around the glasses. It’s also important to prevent the glasses from catching the wind and flying off your face (as me how I know that, haha). Also polarized lenses are a must for cutting glare.

5. So you are a pilot that…is…..awesome! What made you decide to fly? What sunnies if any do you use while flying?

Flying is liberating! I have not found anything that makes me feel the same way. It involves a lot of skills including navigation, math, science, mechanics, and being fearless. I have always used aviators such as Ray Ban’s in the cockpit. I make sure to carefully bend them correctly so they cover my eyes from all angles (usually in the middle so they surrounds my face). You should also never use polarized lenses (according to the FAA) because the can reduce glare coming off other planes around you (that’s kinda dangerous) and make it difficult to see the instruments.


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