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Oakley a Revolutionary History

So many of us enjoy the look and feel of Oakley glasses. They are a high performance brand with many designs to suit our demanding needs for our sports and to suit our aesthetic requirements. Oakley delivers optical superiority; HDO, polarization, lens tints, photochromic, UV protection, impact protection, prescription, hydrophobic, solid frame construction, and HDO-3D. In high school if you were a snowboarder than you wore Oakley! Not many Goggles or sunglasses could take the abuse us teenagers would induce nor rise above our high standards to look and feel cool. Oakley mastered both allure and performance which put them at the top of their field.

Jim Jannard

Jim Jannard

The visionary behind the breakthrough Oakley technology is Jim Jannard. In 1975 he went into business for himself with only $300 and the idea to make a better product than anything on the market. He saw a need for improvement and despite little or no encouragement he set out on his task to later have Oakley become the mark of excellence. Jim Jannard’s high standards mean his glasses are meant to meet the high demands of competitive spirits. Jim has said: “Everything in the world can and will be made better. The only questions are when and by whom?” History has shown that many times Jim Hannard has answered his own question.

O Frame MX Goggles

O Frame MX Goggles

Jim attained success with his O Frame® goggle with a lens curved in the perfect arc of a cylinder, which became a mainstay in MX racing for many years. Many professional racers, such as, Mark Barnett, Marty Smith, Johnny O’Mara and Jeff Ward, advocated the clarity and wide peripheral view the O frame® goggle provided. Jim continued to defy the industry and rise above big companies. Next he reinvented sunglasses for sport. Eyeshades® delivered performance and protection making it vital equipment to athletes. World class competitor, Greg Lemond approached Oakley for his high performance Eyeshades® and other pros followed like Mark Allen and Scott Tinley.

Oakley has decades of amazing products in the eyewear business and has been awarded over 600 patents worldwide. Oakley is more than just performance, it’s style! Jim’s thoughts on the matter; “Inventions wrapped in art. Oakley was founded on that idea, and it still defines us.”

Written by: Kendra MacKinnon


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