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Online Shopping around Toronto

Online Shopping around Toronto

In this day and age, people are consumed with busy schedules, tight deadlines, and struggling to complete everything on their vast agendas. Due to this, many have embraced the technological revolution and adapted to a new way of shopping.

Online shopping has taken off in the past few years, providing a quick and convenient gateway to purchasing everything from a to z. Competitive pricing also factors into the glamour, as most sites offer large discounts that a buyer wouldn’t receive at the retailer. In addition, products that aren’t available in Canada can be shipped from countries around the world and delivered right to your door. Sound’s great, right? I decided to ask my coworkers and poll their experiences to be sure.

After collecting their thoughts on the subject, it was clear that online shopping embodies both the positive and negative. One story in particular that caught my attention was a compromised credit card that ended up buying a complete stranger a vacation to Paris! Scary stuff. The fact that you are forced to provide personal banking information to order items online can certainly be a gamble in this respect, so it’s important to make sure you visit secure websites. How can you be sure though? Look for “HTTPS” in the server address before entering your private data. A digital certificate that’s been issued with a signature from a certification authority is also a necessity.

Other concerns with online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart were the shipping delays, incorrect orders, and even additional shipping/processing fees. Undelivered Alexis on Fire tickets from an American-based company drove a colleague to angrily phone the business on show day. In the end, he received an emergency email with ticket information but was very unimpressed with the overall service. Hmm…

Online Shopping

Despite these experiences, all have been returning customers to online stores. Their convenience, endless product variety, and low costs will continue to drive consumers to this growing shopping trend. The Christmas season marks a substantial increase in online purchases as well, as many simply don’t have time to go to the shopping centre. It definitely saves a ton of time in that respect, as you are able to browse thousands of gift ideas (such as a great pair of sunglasses) with the click of a mouse.

In my house alone I have seen parcels from Amazon arriving as the holidays draw nearer. Those I live with have only had good experiences with online shopping, and do it on a regular basis. I have personally never ordered anything online, as I prefer the experience of buying gifts in person. Who knows though, maybe it’ll eventually catch my interest!

What’s your take on online shopping? As long as you take precaution, it’s definitely a great way to save money and squeeze in an extra hour of relaxation. From my workplace in Etobicoke (just west of Toronto) to my home in Pickering, the consensus is positive. Shop on!

Written by: Kaitlin Cartwright



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