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Opternative: Accessible Eye Care

Opternative: Accessible Eye Care

Opternative is breaking all the rules (legally!) and changing the way we care for our eyes. Novel technology will be offering people a new take on eye exams, making them more accessible and hopefully will encourage more people to take an active commitment in their eye health.

Eye Care Overlooked 

Americans may consider sight or vision the most important of the five senses but according to a study conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of VISTAKON Division Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. Almost half did not get an eye exam in the past year and nearly 30 percent do not believe that taking care of their eyes is as important as other health issues.

A Lack of accessibility

A considerable factor preventing people from regular eye exams is the inconvenience and time it takes to have an appointment, missing work isn’t always an option. Cost is another substantial reason for many individuals to overlook the necessity for regular eye care.

The Solution

Enter Opternative, with innovative technology intended to assist licensed eye care professionals in improving patient eye care by increasing access and lowering costs. Later this year Opternative will be releasing their online refractive eye exam technology which they will license to medical professionals. They themselves will not perform any medical services. Eye care professionals licensed to use Opternative technology will be able to provide patients with refractive eye exams and issue valid prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Why it May be Better

Opternative technology costs up to 75% less than traditional refractive eye exams. No appointments, driving or wasting time in waiting rooms. The online test takes as little as ten minutes of your time! If you require a prescription you will be provided with one signed by a licensed eye care professional and you can use it anywhere. To benefit from all this convenience all you need is a computer and access to the internet. Submit your email today to be the first to try! Check out Opternative to sign up and help them make eye care history.

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