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“Polarizing” Pickering with Polarized Sunglasses

“Polarizing” Pickering with Polarized Sunglasses

A popular pick for generations – polarized sunglasses are trending globally due to its many great features. Prime examples of this can be found throughout Pickering, as the city is crawling with sport and fitness enthusiasts.

A beloved feature of Pickering is its waterfront area, where you can easy spot an array of daily activities taking place. Some of its features include a sandy beach area, boardwalk, and boat launch. Cutting glare, polarized sunglasses are favourited among kayakers, boaters, bikers, and others who spend their days down by Pickering’s “hotspot”. By sporting these sunglasses, the irritating experience of being blinded while trying to enjoy a day by the water is completely avoided. Hallelujah!


Living just a few streets away from the heart of Pickering, I consistently see people running, jogging, and walking past my home. An abundance of mothers, fathers, teenagers, and couples with young children can be seen walking up and down the streets due to the calm atmosphere. Polarized sunglasses are modeled on at least half of those I have seen, providing them a clearer vision of what’s in front of them such as oncoming traffic.

The polarized feature is favourited by all ages in Pickering. Think about it – who wouldn’t rather the awesome upgrade compared to regular specs for a comparable price? The shades improve your overall vision, making your day-to-day life clearer and more enjoyable. The families, couples, and children I’ve talked to all had great feedback on their purchases, mainly consisting of the Oakley and Ray-Ban brands.

As for style, I can report that a black frame is common, but lenses are of all colours. From light blue, to yellow, to brown – the colourization of polarized sunglasses are quite diverse in Pickering. We’re definitely not a bland city, that’s for sure.

Overall, I think that upgrading to polarized sunglasses is worth every penny. The cost isn’t extreme, and is outweighed by the value of what you’re getting anyhow.

Pickering loves polarized sunglasses – do you?

Written by: Kaitlin Cartwright

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