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3M ZT200 Safety Glasses

3M ZT200 Safety Glasses

Most eye Injuries are preventable, make sure you have all the right tools for the job by wearing proper protective eyewear. Almost 3 out of every 5 workers injured are not utilizing any form of eyewear, while 40% of injured workers wore eyewear with insufficient protection. The correct eye protection can lessen and even prevent eye injuries. That’s why we are excited to offer 3M Zt200 safety glasses.


These safety glasses are compliant and meet the High Impact Requirements of ANSI, either Z87.1-2003 or Z87.1-2010.

Removal Lens Carrier provides side protection with integrated side shield.

High Visibility Reflective Temples for greater visibility at dusk and night

Foam Brow Protector for increased comfort easily removed and aid in shielding eyes from particulates, perspiration and wind.

Pertinent Information

There are many reasons to choose 3M ZT200, they provide many effective safety features and have a contemporary and stylish design. Be informed, find out at work which eyewear is necessary to keep your eyes safe. In the USA check out The United States Department of Labor and in Canada Canada Ontario Ministry of Labour.

ZT200 safety glasses

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