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Shaun White Oakley Style Switch: First Look

Shaun White Oakley Style Switch: First Look



On the docket this week for our technology  blog, we take a look at the new Shaun White line from Oakley; the Shaun White Signature Series Polarized Style Switch.Everyone is rolling out new technology in the eyewear industry to set them apart from the competition, but is this technology everything they say it is? Today we take a deeper look into the Style Switch technology from Oakley, with Shaun White’s signature series on display.

Personally I have always been one to have multiple pairs of sunglasses and carry a second pair for different lighting conditions. Oakley has opened my mind to new possibilities with the Style Switch line up. Oakley  boasts switchlock technology, a mechanism to enable the swift interchanging of lenses. Easily change the style of the sunglasses by changing the lenses and simultaneously get the better lens for the environment. The idea seems hassle free and ideal, no need to carry more than one pair of sunglasses, not to mention the savings. The switch lock is not the only selling feature, these Shaun White sunglasses frames are supposed to be comfortable, optimize optical lens alignment, durable, lightweight, and the lenses come in  HD polarization, dual lens polaric ellipsoid geometry, impact resistant, filters 100% UVB, UVA,UVC to name a few attributes. Sounds fancy, right? I have to admit I had some concerns. Before taking a look at the Shaun White Style Switch series I thought that the glasses would appear tacky; showing gaps where the frame wasn’t attached and the mechanism would be unsmooth and break easily.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Shaun White snowboarder

Shaun White

Upon reviewing the Shaun White Signature series Polarize Style Switch, I was thoroughly impressed. First off, they looked wonderful and the frame appeared seamless with gold lenses and white frames blending beautifully. They are light and have a smooth feel on your face. The temples have contour that allows them to sit comfortably over the ears and hold the side of the head. The weight makes them great for wearing over extended periods of use, and the nosepieces are smooth and positioned perfectly. First class glasses for a first class athlete in Shaun White. After flipping them over it was apparent that the nose-piece was black and looked ready to be pulled. After unlatching the nose-piece the lowest part of the frame separated from the lens and rose into the air. The whole bottom part of the frame was lifted allowing the lens to easily be removed. I then plopped in the grey polarized lens that was included and took a look.

My expectations were wrong about Shaun White Signature Series glasses by Oakley. They were easy to change lenses on, looked great, and were extremely high quality. This is a great pick for anyone who is looking for a do it all pair of glasses, someone that desires clear vision in changing light conditions and doesn’t want to carry around a second pair of glasses.Having reviewed the Oakley Shaun White Signature Series, I would give the Style Switch line a solid 4 out of 5.


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