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Spring’s New Statement Hair

Times are turning as blonde is out, and brunette and red-heads are in when it comes to hair colour. This spring, it’s time to try something new and embrace some beautiful, bold statement hair.

Spring Runways Showcase colour

This spring, the spring runways are showcasing some chic looks as the focus has been colour-oriented rather than the usual style/cut. Rather than the long, luscious blonde locks we’ve become accustomed to, this year it’s all about shorter styles with almost cartoon-like colour. This is certainly a dramatic change! What do you think of this trend?

Glasses for your Shade

Now that we know what colours are hot this season, let’s go back to hairstyles. They’re fun to play with, and set the tone for your overall look. We all want to make a statement as the warm weather approaches, so I’m here to give y’all some suggestions on how you can achieve that. To all the ladies who wear glasses, let’s take a look at the hairstyles that are best paired with your frames and how to avoid going over-the-top. A general rule that we can lay down first is the type of glasses that will best suit your hair colour. For all the brunettes out there, try out metal or dark frames as they will best compliment your hair colour. Blonde hair is best suited with transparent or very light shades, and as for redheads – you can virtually pick any colour with the exception of white or yellow.

Mermaid Waves



Now for the fun part! We all love those sexy mermaid waves, and finishing our look off with some great sunglasses as we head to the beach. This look is best paired with wide-framed specs and usually best worn by those with the heart and diamond-shaped face. By choosing long waves with these glasses, you’re creating the illusion of a longer face while balancing the over-emphasized width. Try a pair of those ever-popular Ray-Bans and choose a colour that best suits your hair colour. Swift has you covered this year for a pair of black Ray-Bans for only $141.75 including shipping. There’s no need to calculate the savings on this deal, as it basically sells itself!

Wear it straight

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

For the ladies who prefer the low-volume, straight hairstyle then you should pick up a few pairs of large-framed glasses this season. It’s important to remember that staying proportionate is key, so you want to look for a pair that causes you stand out but not overpower your face. Liven up your hairstyle with some long layers, and throw in a bit of volume on the sides! Aviators have always been my favourite, and Dolce and Gabanna have some amazing shades out right now. Another great find is Swift’s Giorgio Armani sunglasses  that are on sale for only $129 right now. Get them while their hot!

Short Styles

Last but not least, let’s talk about short styles. Small-frames look best with this style and are the most popular frames right now! These frames look best on petite women with narrow or smaller faces but can certainly be worn by everyone. I can attest to this, as I have a pretty big head, but love to try out different frames! It’s important to remember that you don’t want your glasses to take over your face, or make you look in proportionate. If you’re not sure if the smaller frame looks good on you, get a few suggestions from those around you or ask your eye doctor for some tips! You’ll only thank yourself later. Guess is another amazing brand, so you’re in luck as Swift has another great deal for you today. Check out these full-rim glasses in the Tortoiseshell colour, as they hold a little bit of extra personality. Want to know another great thing about these frames? They’re only $60! Pick up a pair for yourself or surprise a loved one for their birthday or special occasion.

What do you think about this year’s new trends? I am and always will love the shorter hairstyles, and even took a few inches off last week. To pair, I never leave the house without my aviators and can’t wait to pick up a few new pairs for this summer. I’m overjoyed that winter is behind us, and the grass is starting to peek through those dreaded heaps of snow. Make a statement this year!

Written by: Kaitlin Cartwright

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