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Swift Eyewear Welcomes Bitcoin

Swift Eyewear Welcomes Bitcoin

“When everyone has access to a global market great ideas flourish”

Swift Eyewear is inspired to be innovative which is why we are embracing the benefits of bitcoin to share with everyone. Now  anyone anywhere in the world can use bitcoins to purchase eyewear online at Swifteyewear.com.

Bitcoin Defined

Have you heard of bitcoins? If you haven’t then listen up! Bitcoin is the 1st decentralized digital currency, digital coins you can send through the internet and transfer directly from one person to another via the internet.  Bitcoins can be used in every country, and the best advantage? You leave out the bank or clearing house, which means fees are significantly lower! Your account can never be frozen and there are no prerequisites or arbitrary limits.

Purchases with Bitcoin

There are several currency exchanges that exist where you can buy or sell your bitcoins for dollars, euros etc. You keep all your bitcoins in a digital wallet on your computer or phone. Anything can be purchased with bitcoin, like the latest trending eyeglasses or your fave aviators.

Easy, Fun and Secure

Using bitcoins is easy, like sending an email but many worry about the security. The bitcoin network is secured by individuals called miners. Miners verify transactions and are rewarded by newly generated bitcoins. This mining is done by computer. Miners set their machines to run a series of complex calculations that add and certify the transactions of other bitcoin users. The miner that solves the problem before others earns 25 bitcoins. After transactions are verified by miners they are recorded in a transparent public ledger.

We are excited to offer bitcoin purchases and to expand our community. If you are new to bitcoin or would simply like more information simply go to weusecoins.com to get better acquainted with a better way to buy!



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