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Where Can I Buy Women’s Safety Glasses? A Pair for Both Safety and Fashion!

Where Can I Buy Women’s Safety Glasses? A Pair for Both Safety and Fashion!

Have you been on the hunt for safety glasses, but are looking for something that has a little more vibrancy than the standard pair? A woman working in the trades can have a hard time finding products that cater to her fashionista needs, and here at Swift, we feel your pain. Oh boy, do I have something for you.

On Guard Grey and Pink Frames

Here at Swift, we do our best to make sure everyone can find something they love. Although our main focus is prescription frames and sunglasses, we knew we couldn’t leave out what keeps our blue-collared friends safe. Our On Guard Grey and Pink frames are quite pleasing to the eye if I do say so myself. In other words ladies, they will keep you working hard and in style this year. These glasses are hot on the market for $89 through our online store, and with just a few clicks… you’re done!


Grey and Yellow Safety Glasses

Looking for more? Our grey and yellow pair is also pretty snazzy, and would be a great buy for your hubby. Whether he wears them at work, or working around the house, they’re perfect! Couples who dress in style together, stay together… right? We also have a navy blue pair to offer you as a secondary option. Another perk that goes along with shopping for two is a little something we like to call free shipping over $99. Safety glasses can be expensive, so instead of buying a product that you will have to replace, save some money and try out our snazzy Swift safety glasses.

Have you purchased a pair of Swift safety glasses before? If so, how do they compare with others you’ve worn? If this is your first time with us, make sure to let us know what you think of our products. When you win, we win!

Written by: Kaitlin Cartwright

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