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Your Prescription: Reading vs. Distance

Your Prescription: Reading vs. Distance

If you’ve ever taken a look at your vision/eyewear prescription in detail, then you’ve probably experienced a moment of confusion and bewilderment. The question of “what do all these numbers and letters mean?” probably comes to mind, right? Of the latter, Distance vs Reading are two important elements that you should become acquainted with as this information is imperative to providing you with your perfect match.

Reading your prescription

Your prescription provides the essential information needed to offer the correct glasses in relation to your eyesight. Reading and distance eyeglasses are able to contribute a lot to our lives and are beneficial for daily activities such as reading, writing, driving, typing and the overall enjoyment of clear vision. Both glasses serve completely different purposes however, and if prescribed incorrectly, you may find yourself in an unfortunate situation such as walking into a pole or missing your exit on the highway.

Reading vs. Distance

Reading glasses are prescribed to those with “long sightedness”, which is known medically as Hyperopia or Hypermetripia and can be seen abbreviated as NV on your prescription. Your eye doctor will most likely use terms such as “long sighted” or “far sighted”, which means that your eyes are unable to focus on close objects without appearing blurry. Reading glasses are provided for those with Hyperopia, as these frames have convex lenses built in to help your retina focus. Although most common among the elderly, this is an issue that arises at any age.

If you’re able to identify nearby objects but struggle with focusing on things that are further away, then the term “near sightedness” or Myopia is most applicable to you. In this case, distance glasses, abbreviated DV, are essential to help you see distant objects accurately, and considered crucial for driving safely and abiding the law. Unfortunately, there’s a shocking amount of people who’ve never had an eye exam and are unaware of the differences between distance and reading glasses. It’s important that you sit down with your eye doctor and receive the best prescription possible.


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You owe it to yourself to understand how to read your prescription properly and receive the lenses that best suit your needs whether it is in the reading or distance category. Once you’re ready to go, make sure you pick a pair of frames that are fun and suit your style!

Written by: Kaitlin Cartwright

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